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Hayat Care is a medical services provider combines the best doctors, hospitals, and institutions in Turkey, even at the level of Europe. Hayat Care honored to serve you and your family through special medical care, and in order to achive that Hayat Care since its establishment has stayed committed to providing best medical care services with positive outcomes to its patients across the medical field in general surgery, orthopaedics, dental surgery, aesthetics and plastic surgeries, ophthalmology, cancer treatment, cardiology, obstetrics and gynaecology and human organ transplants.
Beyond the practice of medicine, our physicians are provided with many personal and professional opportunities, including participation in many activities, research, and training course programs
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Hair Transplant Operation
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Monthly Surgery Operation
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Thanks to God for the success of the hair transplant follows did after contact with many centers before the operation was my decision to correct the operation in the hospital and the Hayat Care and thank the doctor Murad for his medical professionalism and the rest of the medical staff assistants


I came to Turkey for several cosmetic operations, not just one. The Hayat Care service was so wonderful that I never expected that they had arranged a specialist doctor for each surgery and did not let me do all the surgeries with one doctor

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