Hair Transplantation For Man

Hair Transplantation For Man

FUE Hair transplantation is, with its basic terms, to take the hair follicles having no genetics of hair-loss from the area behind the head, between two ears and under the skin, and to transfer them to the area in the front where we wish to grow hair

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What Hair Transplant in Hayat Care hospital

In men, because of the sensitivity to the hormone testosterone, especially the hair follicles on the top and forehead are easily got harm and lost.

However, the hair follicles on the nape area, between two ears, are not sensitive to testosterone and they do not get lost. The hair transplantation is the process of transfer of these strong follicles to the area required.

Hair Transplant Turkey FUE Method

Different from other methods, in FUE method, since the grafts are taken one by one from the donor area, there will be left no trace in the donor area after the operation. Besides, since maximum 30% of the hair in the donor area is taken, there will not be any change in the appearance of the nape area. To sum up, in FUE method, lancet is not used in the donor area; no stitch is put, and no visual scar is left. Without any complication to the patient, and without withholding him from his daily life, the patient has the hair he required with this method. FUE method is applied not only in Turkey but also around the World; and it is the most developed and productive method. To get the best results from FUE method, the operation must be applied by an experienced doctors of hair transplantation.

Hair Transplant Turkey DHI Method

The technique of manual extraction is that the specialist to open the channels and pull the bulbs of Shaeridia one after the other, individually by a hand machine ranging in thickness between 0.75 and 1.88, allowing the surgeon to know the quality of the hair and direction and contribute to identify areas to be taken to the province On the general shape of the back of the head. It is worth mentioning that each hair bulb produces between one hair and three hairs.

Hair Transplant Turkey First Week

The first week after hair transplantation is the most critical and most important period. Natural Hair Turkey offers the most important instructions to follow this period. Everyone begins to worry about the loss of newly implanted hair follicles when you lie down to sleep, when taking a bath or doing some daily activities, which makes the first week difficult and stressful as the first period is the most crucial period for the growth of the bulbs. Today is your guide to help you during the first week.

Guidelines before hair transplantion

Instructions should be followed before hair transplantation:

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